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Crucidel Productions is an independent comic book publisher specializing in developing, producing, and distributing creator-owned comic book properties. Crucidel is dedicated to partnering with creators to turn their artistic visions into reality. Crucidel believes that our overly commercialized society has lost its passionate voices. Crucidel believes our global community will benefit more from a chorus of creative voices as opposed to the singular voice they are offered today by the mainstream media. If you miss the passionate stories in comics where life and death mean something, you’ve come to the right place.

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For a small, independent publisher, you will find plenty of high-quality products at our on-line store. We feature over 25 comic book issues from 3 titles: CrossStar, Knightingail, and The PuriFires. Interested in collectibles, then check out our limited print run regular comics and limited edition variant cover comics. Interested in just reading our stories, check out our economical trade paperbacks that collects each volume of the comics. Like art? Search through our dozens of prints that include illustrated cover prints; collectible, signed, and numbered fine art prints, and cosplay prints. What are you waiting for? Browse our store now!



Modern Crime Drama

Featuring a Mysterious Crusader

The only thing anyone knows about CrossStar is that he has shown up in modern day United States and attacks corrupt corporate, political, and military institutions with his fists, a sword, and cross-shaped throwing daggers – from which he was given his name. The setting for this story is not a super-hero universe but occurs in today’s real world with all of its physical limitations. The only exception is CrossStar who is observed performing seemingly impossible feats such as fighting dozens of people at once, is unharmed by bullets fired at him at point blank range, or able to walk through fire unharmed. The story unfolds from the first-person perspective of those who encounter CrossStar as they try and uncover the truth behind who he is, how he’s able to do the things he does, and why.


Fantasy Adventure

with a Super Hero Twist

Knightingail is an epic fantasy adventure story targeted towards families, teenagers, pre-teens and especially female audiences due to its female protagonist. It’s similar to Bone, Narnia or Lord of the Rings in that it’s set in a wilderness world with exotic creatures, heroes with mystical powers, and evil invaders that seek the world’s destruction. At it’s heart, the story is about how we fail when separated but succeed when we accept and embrace the differences in others. While the underlying message of unity and friendship drives the emotional backbone of the story, it’s supported by interesting, unique, but familiar character designs and amazing animation-style, full-color, detailed artwork.


Revolutionary War Action Adventure

Archetype Characters – Historical Events

It’s simple really. The British don’t belong here. They are a plague. We’re the cure. We will purify this British plague by blade, arrow, and blazing guns. That’s why we call ourselves</span?
The PuriFires!

With this straightforward mission, a band of 6 diverse characters band together in their own militia to eliminate the British occupation of the 13 American colonies. Each of their individual, expert fighting skills compliment each other to create the most deadliest squad in the land. But is the Revolutionary War just about fighting, or is there a deeper meaning to it? Join their journey as they find out first hand from real historical figures in actual historical events. This is the real story of the birth of Amerca in a way never explored before.


Convention Schedule


Alpha Omega Con: Sep 23, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Tucson Comic Con: Nov 3-5, Tucson, AZ

PCC Fanfest: Nov 11-12, Phoenix, AZ

Tempe Library Comic Con: Jan 27, Tempe, AZ

AZ Eventure Con: Feb 17-18, Glendale, AZ

Wonder Con: March 23-25, Anaheim, CA

Phoenix Comic Con: May 24-27, Phoenix, AZ

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It is Finished. The Website that was Meant to be

September 1st, 2017|0 Comments

It's hard to imagine now, but the first Crucidel website was created [...]

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Crucidel Productions is looking for creator owned projects and
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Crucidel Productions is proud to be associated with these passionate, talented professionals.


Wayne Gardiner

Manager, Creator, Author,
Letterer, Producer