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The Story

The only thing anyone knows about CrossStar is that he has shown up in modern day United States and attacks corrupt corporate, political, and military institutions with his fists, a sword, and cross-shaped throwing daggers – from which he was given his name. The setting for this story is not a super-hero universe but occurs in today’s real world with all of its physical limitations. The only exception is CrossStar who is observed performing seemingly impossible feats such as fighting dozens of people at once, is unharmed by bullets fired at him at point blank range, or able to walk through fire unharmed. The story unfolds from the first-person perspective of those who encounter CrossStar as they try and uncover the truth behind who he is, how he’s able to do the things he does, and why.

CrossStar Volume 1: Death is Just the Beginning

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CrossStar Volume 1: Death is Just the Beginning

After a crippling beating by thugs requiring 2 years of physical therapy to recover, Basil Burroughs, a former Brooklyn police detective, is persuaded by his wife to take a desk job in a small New Jersey suburb. He only has a few years of service left before he can retire and live happily ever after with his wife. Unfortunately, fate has a different plan for him. On his first day at his new police station, a caped crusader attacks the officers leaving all but basil wounded and unconscious. he then escapes with classified data files retrieved from the police computers.

Who is this mysterious crusader with super human fighting abilities? Join Detective Basil Burroughs as he searches for the truth behind CrossStar!


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CrossStar Volume 1 has been released nationally through comic book stores across the country. Other CrossStar comics have only been released through convention or through the on-line store. Information about all of the national and limited release CrossStar comic books can be found by clicking on the covers below.


There are only people. CrossStar is set in the real world. In the real world there are no such things as heroes or villains. There are only people. People motivated by hate or love … death or life. Those are the souls you will find in the world of CrossStar.


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